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About Me

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Hello! My name is Natalie Beckham. I'm pursuing my goal of becoming a costume designer or costume concept artist for theatre, TV entertainment, or video games! I love creating costumes and character designs and am constantly challenging myself to create new things.

 I am pursuing my master's in Costume Design and Construction from The University of Alabama. I'm dedicated to my craft and enjoy having a creative outlet as part of my work.

As well as costuming and art, I also love to write. I have been writing my own novel series for the past several years with the first book in the series published online, you can find the series under Ever After Chronicles. A lot of my personal projects and work circulate around this series and the characters I have created as they are a constant inspiration for me as an avenue for my artistic abilities.

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Interested in working with me or checking out the projects I've worked on? Download my resume below! 

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